On April 1st, 2014 we have established a new filial company and a recruitment agency  in UK.





T. G. Masaryka 820/42, 360 01 Karlovy Vary CZ

Tel/fax: +420 353 221 158



ABRASMONT, s.r.o. is a modern company with a ‘can do’ attitude specializing in design build in the engineering industry. We are specialized in custom - made in engineering, building industry,constructions, assembly, welding, ironmongery and electrical fitting and wiring.

ABRASMONT, s.r.o. specialises  in:

  •  - custom steel, iron and aluminum structures;
  •  - assembly of distribution lines and air-conditioning systems;
  •  - machines and construction equipment; and
  • -  building industry
  •  - silos and containers
  •  - ironmongery
  •  - welding
  •  - building
  •  - electrical fitting and wiring

We offer qualified engineers with the ability to anticipate you design requirements, ensuring a quality product every time – and within your time constraints.

Active not just in the Czech Republic, our reputation for high standards and competency has enabled us to expand into other EU countries. We welcome your inquiries and look forward to discussing your design-build needs.

Weldcon s.r.o. has a dedicated English Manager based in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic to liaise and manage the sub-contract workforce, including the organisation of travel and accommodations and other if required.

Projects to date include incinerator manufacture and assembly, exhaust systems, silo and storage containers, automobile industry manufacture, dwelling unit assembly, air conditioning systems, ironmongery, construction industry and general steel, iron and aluminum structures and fabrication.

Works Done Most Frequently:

Fitting and Welding

ČSN EN 281-1

G 311

(oxyacetylene welding)

E 111

(arc welding, manual, with coated electrode)

T 141

(TIG welding)

M 131

(melting electrode, inert gas -  MIG method)

M 135

(melting electrode, active gas -  MAG method)

The welders´ competence is guaranteed by comprehensive training and strict testing standards.

Assembly, Installations and Construction

Complex and specific structural are delivered in cooperation with highly established and experienced suppliers. Our company is able to accommodate agricultural orders and other industries.

Electrical Installations

The company executes heavy-current electrical installations up to 1000 V, security distribution systems, telephone systems, STA distribution systems and lightning conductors. A reviewing engineer approves and hands over any electrical installations.